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Obstructing Justice: Cult Trophy Hunting and Ferguson

Let's take a look at some of the metaphorical implications of the Michael Brown execution and examine the likelihood of co-incidence to the possibility that a new cult may have systematically infiltrated the Missouri government and local political offices.

Here we'll examine whether or not the actions that have yet to be cross-examined in any court of law constitute clues to the migration and popularization of a new Christian Death cult that has foreign tentacles.

Let's examine the foreign version of this cult. Carrie Gracie of the BBC issued a news story called The Chinese Cult That kills 'Demons'. That story describes (bolded text my emphasis) -

"The cult in question is called the Church of the Almighty God and claims to have millions of members.
It was an ordinary evening in a small town McDonald's in east China until a family of six arrived trying to recruit new members to their Christian cult.
They moved between the tables asking for phone numbers and when one diner refused they beat her to death, screaming at other diners to keep away or they would face the same fate.
The savage murder was filmed on closed circuit TV and on mobile phones.
It shocked China. Who were these people prepared to kill over a telephone number?
Interviewed in prison later, one of the murderers, Zhang Lidong, showed no remorse and no fear.
He said: "I beat her with all my might and stamped on her too. She was a demon. We had to destroy her.""
"The public face of the Church of the Almighty God is a website full of uplifting hymns and homilies. But its core belief is that God has returned to earth as a Chinese woman to wreak the apocalypse.
The only person who claims direct contact with this god is a former physics teacher, Zhao Weishan, who founded the cult 25 years ago and has since fled to the United States.
No one knows exactly where he is, but much of the website's message of outright hostility to the Chinese government is delivered in English as well as Chinese. "
"In an east China cemetery on a hill above vineyards and orchards, Wang Jiannan picks his way carefully between the headstones.
He lost his mother and his sister to the cult nearly 20 years ago. But now he's lost his father too.
On 1 October last year, his sister beat their father to death in a grim forerunner of the McDonald's killing. Like those killers, she saw her victim as a demon who must be destroyed."
The references must seem self-evident to most readers but let's compare Officer Wilson's description to the vernacular of the Church of the Almighty.  The combination of stealth pseudo-Christian organization and the reference to ridding the world of "demons" seems to ring a bell.

And as we list the litany of co-incidental anomalies about the killing and the absence of investigation of this case, we must ask ourselves whether or not Wilson could have possibly acted alone or in concert with others and then, whether those others have a deeper and darker relationship that this killing alludes to.  And let's not be coy here.  Both the Klan and the Extreme Christian Death cults who shoot abortion doctors and cult members who stray may have reincarnated themselves something along the lines of the Church of the Almighty God.

The following are facts as we know them.  Are they "in plain sight" clues to something else,

  • By law, American Police now have a near immune power over life and death. Death cults share the same belief.
  • What does the dropping of shell casings at the scene of the crime mean? Does it have numerological significance?  Does it accurately reflect the number of bullets fired in this case or is Wilson fulfilling a symbolic ritual?
  • Most of the casings are manually dropped by the body as if this were a trophy or gladiator killing - Wilson standing over the vanquished demon emptying his casings rather than feeling sick or saying a prayer for the man he killed (after all this was his first deadly encounter that we know of)
  • Wilson needed to "wash his hands of blood".  Where did he get so much blood on his hands that they needed washing? Two bullets were fired in the SUV - one hit the door, one grazed Brown's thumb. Was the blood on his hands soaked at the dead body?  Is there a Christian equivalent to the washing of hands? Could this have been a signal to the prosecutor?
  • "The St. Louis County prosecutor, Robert P. McCulloch, did not recommend a charge or charges against Officer Wilson."
  •  The police handing of the death is odd and almost ritualistic.  Review the section of this article that lists what's different about the Ferguson Grand Jury.  The differences are so extraordinary that they are stunning.  Notice the numerology - a three month mock trial, 25 days of deliberation (nothing significant about those numbers is there), what could the testimony of investigators mean if they had not done due diligence?, why was Wilson allowed to testify - was he instructing cult members within the Jury?, McCulloch claims to have released "all" the evidence - but evidence is not a commodity but a process of discovery - what would discovery reveal?

  •  The body was left lying in the street for four and one half hours.  Wilson was treated as if he was directing the cleanup team. He was allowed to move about freely, do whatever he wanted to with his gun and cartridges before turning them in.  No measurements were taken of the crime scene - would the numerological introduction of standard police practice interfere with the ritual being played out or would treating the crime scene like a crime scene interfere with a cult ritual?
  • Why did Wilson have a redness on the side of his face away from where Brown is alleged to have hit him.  Cult-ritual?, botched cover-up attempt?, what? 
  • Wilson is married shortly after the killing of the demon.  Cult ritual? Cult reward?
  • Funds are publicly raised for a non-existent defense - cult reward?
  • Wilson resigns, "hoping to stay in law enforcement" - cult promotion within the system?
  • Wilson calls for healing with in the community.  Given his contempt for Ferguson, what community is he referring to?  A cult community? A network of government infiltrators?

In Stanley Kubrick's film Eyes Wide Shut, a film detailing cult behavior there is a scene in which a ritualistic killing of a woman is explained as (bolded tet my emphasis),
"Ziegler therefore admits that people attending the ritual were high-level, well-known and powerful people. Kubrick is therefore making clear that the richest, most powerful deciders of the “real world” meet in these types of rituals … and that these rituals are off-limits for the profane.
When Bill mentions Amanda, Ziegler gets more defensive and replies: “She was a hooker” – meaning that she was an Beta slave that could be easily disposed of. Then Ziegler tells Bill that everything that happened at the ritual was a charade to scare him, Bill answers:
“You called it a fake, a charade. Do you mind telling me what kind of f—-cking charade ends with someone turning up dead?”
This highlights the fundamental difference between the public’s perception of occult rituals and what actually happens. Regular people are lead to believe that these elite rituals are nothing more than goofy meetings of people with too much time on their hands. In reality, these elaborate rituals often incorporate real attempts at Black Magick and include real blood sacrifices and other terrible acts.
If the demise of the old cults and hate organizations has given rise to a new, more sophisticated version of the old then we are in trouble in this country because absolute power corrupts and it corrupts absolutely.  Why bother with lynch mobs when joining the local police department allows you and other members of any hate group to determine life and death?

While Wilson is probably not a cult member, the peculiar patterns that are in plain sight suggest otherwise.  Whether Death cult, gamification of ultra-violence, or profound incompetence, the volume of such killing in the past year alone is an alarming wake-up call for us to take a closer look.

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