Sunday, November 04, 2012

My Endorsement: Romney, McMahon, Courtney, Eastwood, not Hurlbert

This is my traditional election year endorsement slate.  I believe romney and McMahon will lose but they are the superior candidates and I think Courtney and Eastwood will win because they are the superior candidates.

It would be easy to endorse Obama based on the mindless cheerleading and utterly disgusting negative campaign that has been waged against Romney and the Republicans in general. Obama is a failed presidency and a fraudulent Democratic administration.  His policies are a joke, he has granted himself a licence to kill indiscriminately using drone aircraft, and he has not kept a single promise he's made aside from cynical, bait and switch substitutions that sound like change but are worse than anything George Bush could have come up with.

Obama's education policies - largely extortion schemes that humble states into passing the most heinous education laws enacted since  maybe the Stalin regime deserve to be flushed everywhere with malice.

We will be stuck with this again for another four years, I'm not optimistic we will have an opportunity to undue the damage this administration has done for a century.

I like Linda McMahon.  She reminds me of the last great Connecticut Senator we elected, Lowell Weicker.  Murphy has offered zero ideas about policy worth discussing - another career hack who will be bought off by special interests to our shame.

Joe Courtney is the real deal.  Rock solid Democrat who still acts like one.  I can't vote often enough for this guy.

Susan Eastwood, like Courtney is the real deal as well.  Shwe is running a tough race against a career schmoozer who floats downstream and stands for nothing.  Wasting a vote on Guglielmo is like littering the Capital Building with garbage.

Bryan Hurlbert has been slacking, IMO.  He needs to wake up and start representing his district far more forcefully.  If there's a choice, I'll take it to send him a wake-up call.

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