Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Julie Amero's Husband Died Yesterday

A few months ago Wes Volle, Julie Amero's husband was diagnosed with terminal cancer. He was given but a few months to live and died yesterday.

Juie Amero, of course, was a substitute teacher whose life, Wes and Julie's life, was forever violated by procession of a demented judicial system that allowed disingenuous parents, magic accusations, bad cops, lazy judges, incompetent journalists, a lynch-mob public, and an unforgiving corporate culture to routinely toy with one person or another's lives.

A few years ago, Julie was falsely accused of a criminal act that she never committed. Wes Volle was not only her husband but he was her staunchest supporter and her guardian angel. Wes worked at Electric Boat and by everything I can ascertain was a fairly average fellow with no fights to pick with anyone.

After Julie was sentenced to a potential forty year sentence in prison (the prosecutor sadistically teased but 15 if they wink-wink played "the game"), certain journalists at the Norwich Bulletin began a smear campaign against Julie and her supporters that make the Salem Witch trials look like a high school musical. Wes fought back, writing letter after letter, valiantly defending his all too innocent wife. His words inspired us all.

After exhausting enormous time, money, and resources wrestling state government beast that has a bottomless budget of tax dollars to waste, a merciless and gutless bureaucracy, and brain-dead judiciary - Julie was spared. The cost was her ability to return to teaching, their savings, and the emotional and social stigmas that would haunt them long afterward.

Despite the state's abandoning their guilty verdict (the first time in CT's history), Julie would encounter the mean-spirit of innuendo and degrading whisper campaigns when she secured another job. Wes stuck by her through punishing times.

Wes is now gone.

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