Thursday, February 18, 2010

Reading Is Fundamental (RIF)... And Dead (RIP)

A number of sources are reporting that the Obama education budget is doing exactly what the Bush administration couldn't. That is kill successful and effective reading programs.

All in the name of closing the education gap of course.

Donalyn Miller in EdWeek blogs:

Last week, policymakers announced that the Fiscal Year 2011 federal budget increases funding for education, but a closer look at the proposed budget indicates that direct funding for effective literacy programs such as Reading Is Fundamental (RIF), Literacy Through Libraries, Even Start, Ready to Learn TV, Striving Readers, and the National Writing Project (NWP) will cease under the new budget. Money historically allocated to support these programs will be folded into a larger, competitive grant program offered to states.

Let the politicians know how you feel about this.

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ElyseEA said...

I would also note that our most successful writing program, the National Writing Project, is caught in the same issue. Together these two organizations, which often work together, will suffer a serious reduction in scale if their direct funding is granted out through the states in the way that this proposed budget suggests.