Sunday, August 30, 2009

Suspended for what!????

A story coming out of Georgia by Jim Wallace of WALB news underscores the abuse of law enforcement in schools. To describe this incident as over-the-top is inadequate to describe this horror show. The story includes a video worth watching.
Her father shows scratches on 11-year-old Treneashe Graddy's neck and back. She says she was thrown to the ground and arrested at Southside Middle School yesterday.

When school officials tried to take her picture for school identification, she refused because her hair was not fixed.

School Police Lt. Laniece Pope tried to force the girl to take the picture, and handcuffed and arrested her when she resisted.

"She put her hand around her neck, left a bruise around her neck. She handcuffed her, put her knee in her stomach and put her knee in her back, which caused injuries to her," said mom, Katrina Jackson.

The girl was charged with disorderly conduct, obstruction of an officer, and disrupting school. She is suspended today.
If this child was a dog, people would be lining up claiming "cruel and unusual punishment". Thirty years of right-wing education propaganda have reduced American school children to be considered less than human and not deserving the rights we bestow pets.

For the same police who trumped up the charges and committed the real crime to investigate themselves adds insult to injury. This is as unAmerican as torture.

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