Friday, June 12, 2009

Worse Than Bush: The Collapse of All Hope of Reforming Public Education

Arne Duncan's handling of the Department of Education is a nightmare.

For educators and children advocates not even the Bush administration's dysfunctional Department of Education compares to the vacant ignorance being exercised there today.

Rather than remediation of NCLB, Duncan has ratcheted up the toxic rhetoric.

Rather than reform, Duncan insists on ham-fisted conformity to NCLB, the pedagogy of educational failure.

The YouTube videos claim to be listening yours yet disallow any commentary, ratings, or ability to report the rhetoric as "offensive" and it is offensive.

Obama has arrived not as a liberator of educational dross but as just the next generation of public education's malfeasance.

As the Who, once sang;

Of course, getting fooled again and again and again is education's best practice. This is a profession that never tires of administering yet one more test to the infinite collection of tests that all point to the conclusion that schools aren't to blame nor can cure the economically disadvantaged. So instead we turn the children of the poor into circus animals and ask that they jump ever higher and through more hoops.


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