Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Recovery Paradox

President Obama's team is attempting to resuscitate the American economy with a huge influx of money. To listen to the government administrators talk about the spending of this money, one would think its intended not to save the free market system but to ensure that that bloated government positions that have brought this government to the verge of bankruptcy will be able to continue sucking the life out of taxpayers.

Governor Rell, teachers union representatives, and others speak of "saving jobs" instead of right-sizing government and the obscene paychecks, benefits, and wholesale waste of the existing structure.

The double and triple dipping of multiply retired individuals is draining jobs and resources away from those who have yet to be so fortunate.

At a time of dropping enrollments, it is only appropriate that schools right-size their staffing needs. The myth of eternally smaller classroom sizes needs to be re-examined objectively.

And public schools need to have the option of offering credit for privatized instruction in areas where private initiatives can economically produce similar results.

If the bailout monies are squandered attempting to protect the vested interests this country will economically collapse. We need practical and honest government and education, not more of the same old games.

It is not government that needs or deserves the bailout, it is the middle-class, free market taxpayer who has been raped by the ever more expensive and extravagant excesses of the closed market public servants (an oxymoron these days).

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