Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Got Milk? How About a Comfortable MetroNorth Train Ride?

I had a nice conversation with Bryan Hurlburt - 53rd District - CT, this evening concerning the price of milk. The price of a gallon of milk has increased $.50 in the past few weeks.

We need to ensure that school lunches continue to supply inexpensive milk to students even if it requires emergency legislation. Kids need milk to grow. Period.

And while I was at it, we talked about ways to get more FFA funding emphasizing dairy expansion, cultivating highway roadsides for hay production, and leveraging open space initiatives in such a way as to broaden dairy farms.

Oh, and I gave him an earful about the atrocious state of MetroNorth service along the shoreline and central Connecticut. The MetroNorth system is run like a third world monopoly that has no accountability to consumers. Enough. Get some decent passenger cars for chrissake - they've been paid for by the consumers. The condition of passenger trains in Connecticut are an embarrassment to railroading.

Train service has got to improve to accommodate an aging population and a growing country. Wake up.

CT has got to be part of the solution. Bryan can be reached at;

Bryan P. Hurlburt
State Representative, 53rd District
Ashford, Tolland, & Willington

At the Capitol:
Legislative Office Building, Room 4100
Hartford, CT 06106-1591

In the District:
268 Hartford Turnpike
Tolland, CT 06084

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