Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Feed Me

Last night's budget meeting convinced me to vote for this piece in the Saatchi Art Gallery showdown. It is called "Business as Usual" by Albo Jeavons, 2001. In addition to voting on this year's school budget, you can vote on art as well.

Business as Usual

And business as usual it is as I'm sure it is every year.

The longer I am exposed to the public school budget process the more I am convinced that public schools are writing their own one way ticket to being dismantled. I can support school budgets that hold the promise of reforming curriculum, upgrading process and content, and reinvigorating the vitality of the school.

You can rest easy there will be none of that this year or in the foreseeable future. You can stop staring as though you're fitting me for a straitjacket for suggesting such a thing.

The delicate flower of education is once more awaiting its ritualistic meal.

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