Sunday, November 05, 2006

Taxes Roll Downhill

Since Bush took office every election seems to be the most important. This one is no exception. Our country is slipping into the hole that's being dug by Bush consisting of massive debt, epidemic war, and the abandonment of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. These are America's darkest and most dangerous days.

As an American the only way I've ever been taught to change things is to vote. If that doesn't work I fear we'll be seeing something worse.

Joe Lieberman has betrayed his party and his country and recently is employing the political tactics of the Hitler youth by terrorizing Lamont campaigners and supporters. This man is a shameful example of what Washington is today. He should be fired and asked to leave the state. The stain of his service will forever blemish Connecticut politics.

I have never had any use for Rob Simmons. He has always inflated his resume with non-accomplishment in the House.

These days Connecticut families pay $1.00 in federal taxes and receive $.66 back. Our schools are not as well equipped as the caves of the Taliban. In a high-tech world our kids are lucky to see a computer in most classrooms. Our teachers may as well be Luddites. This has got to stop. Connecticut is well on its way to becoming an intellectual third world entity and I am not joking.

Lamont and Courtney can change this. I whole-heartedly endorse their election.

At the state level, Rell spends money as fast as Bush does and the state has nothing to show for it except higher taxes at the local level. The next tax dollar used for special education relief to small towns will be the first.

Sadly, she may win and Democrats will have to listen to tales of how high taxes are. Rell is spending, Democrats get blamed - go figure. Better yet, go vote for DeStefano.

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