Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Ashford Democrats Endorse Lamont

It's been a busy day.

The Region 19 Policy Committee was fine-tuning the Policy Manual and the Nutrition policy. I stayed late to advocate that the second semester of eighth grade be conducted at EO Smith.

My argument is that teens are maturing far more rapidly than previous generations had and schools have not acknowledged the changes. Bruce Silva is an advocate of a four or five year high school curriculum for students depending on their needs.

I am also trying to initiate an internet lifebook that will complement the existing hard copy yearbook. I'm prototyping at http://eosmith2006.wordpress.com

We'll be looking for students to contribute and maintain digital memoribilia for their own graduating classes.

After that, I rushed over to the Ashford Democratic Town Committee meeting and Caucus.

A highlight was a vote to endorse Ned Lamont to run as the Democratic nominee for Congress. There were only three votes who disagreed.

I bring this up because Lamont responding to a question about NCLB stated in an interview that it "was all stick and no carrot." As a Board of Education member it's nice to know somebody is paying attention. I expect Lamont to be the Democratic nominee and I hope high school students across the state are beginning to learn about his positions.

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