Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Good God, they let CABE in the State Capitol...

You guessed it, another CABE Journal newsletter. They call themselves "The leading voice for Connecticut Public Education" which is probably why parents are hiding the kids in the attic - "Don't be scared children, Bush can't run again."

Anyway. The headline of the April issue screams, "EACH CHILD COUNTS". In reality the article never mentions math or children again. Apparently it was just about the only sentence nobody disagreed with so they ran with it.

Actually, running is too strong a term. The picture that accompanies the article shows what looks to be a crazed mob of mall-walkers either looking to run Dr. Frankenstein out of town or mutually looking for a rest room in Bushnell Park.

It turns out that they were a CABE contingent that somehow finagled their way into the State Capitol under the pretense ("EACH CHILD COUNTS!") that they had something to say about education.

Later in the Journal a photo spread has a number of pictures of these people presumably saying something about education to education deaf legislators. Nancy Wyman's picture sums it up. Looking frantically for the exit, hands up as if being told this was a stickup, Nancy's expression infers that she's wondering where all these Alzheimer's patients came from.

Thank God nothing was accomplished. The next time CABE is let into the CT Statehouse I would like their sign to say, "FOR THE LOVE OF HUMANITY - NO MORE FREAK'N EDUCATION MANDATES!"

But that's just me.

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