Thursday, March 30, 2006

Economic Disparities

Depending on which set of numbers you choose (see the above link or this) , I want to simply compare teacher raises to the general population as an exercise in fiscal reality.

In Region 19, teachers are (and have been) receiving increases on the order of 4.5%. So I used this calculator to figure out a componded interest figure that spans 4 yrs, a sample income of $50K calculated against a 4.5 rate.

The result is that over four years $50K grows as an income to $59,860.20. That's for teachers and staff in Region 19. And that rate continues for a long time.

Using the 1.6 figure from the Washington Post article, $50K grows to $53,304.55. That's for the average family in America. If we use, the conservative Wall St Juornal estimate of -(minus).5%, a family earning $50K four years ago, now earns $49009.93.

The benefits likewise increased for teachers, janitors, and so on in Region 19.

For families who are not on a government payroll, if they haven't lost most benefits their deductables have grown significantly.

When I mention this at Board meetings I'm told CEOs make a killing as well.


The bill to have the State pay its fair share of special education expenses drew little or no interest.

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