Friday, November 18, 2005

Saving Money: Black Friday sneak peeks

This New York Times article (Shop-Till-You-Drop Specials, Revealed Here First) gives everyone an opportunity to identify money-saving deals on the Friday after Thanksgiving by using some online resources. For parents with children of any age, these sites can save you time and money.

There are now at least three Web sites dedicated to digging up Black Friday sales secrets, creating a fierce competition to post the ads first. It is so heated, in fact, that all three sites stamp the circulars with bright electronic watermarks to discourage rivals from stealing a scoop.

The renegade sites, whose popularity is growing, highlight how much the Web is shifting the balance of power in retailing from companies to consumers. Big national chains used to control discounts carefully, and shoppers were lucky to stumble into a sale at a store or receive an e-mail message promising free shipping. Today, however, online forums encourage strangers to exchange hard-to-find online coupon codes, and they offer instructions on how to combine rebates with one-day sales to cut retail prices in half.

Go here, here, or here. Good luck.

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